Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry is also called biological dentistry, biologic dentistry, alternative dentistry, unconventional dentistry, or biocompatible dentistry. It is the equivalent of complementary and alternative medicine for dentistry. Holistic dentistry emphasizes approaches to dental care in the context of the patient's entire physical as well as emotional or spiritual health. Although the holistic dental community differs in its practices and approaches, common threads include strong opposition to the use of amalgam in materials in dental fillings, nonsurgical approaches to gum disease, and the understanding that root canals may endanger systemic health of the patient through the spread of toxins and bacteria to the body. Dr. Tennant says the teeth act as circuit breakers in the acupuncture energy meridians, thus the teeth affect the health of every organ system. Most holistic dentists also disapprove of water fluoridation. 

The Holistic Dental (Wikipedia) defines the field as: "an approach to Dentistry that promotes health and wellness instead of the treatment of disease. This approach to Dentistry encompasses both modern science and knowledge drawn from the world's great traditions on natural healing. Holistic Dentistry acknowledges and deals with the mind, body, and spirit of the patient, not just his or her "Teeth" and lays out the following basic principles:

  • Proper nutrition for the prevention and reversal of degenerative dental disease
  • Avoidance and elimination of toxins from dental materials
  • Prevention and treatment of dental malocclusion (bite problems=physical imbalance)
  • Prevention and treatment of gum disease at its biological basis

Here are a few web sites that contain a wealth of information on holistic dental care.

https://iaomt.org/  The IAOMT has taken the lead in educating dentists and allied professionals in the methods of safely dealing with amalgam fillings, and safely disposing the waste. It has also led the way in developing more biocompatible approaches in other areas of dentistry, including endodontics, periodontics, and disease prevention. All this while maintaining the motto, “Show me the science!”

http://holisticdental.org/  Our purpose is to provide information and guidance to those persons seeking to participate in their own health care and to help in the continuing education of practitioners who have a desire to expand their knowledge and awareness.

http://dams.cc/   Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions, is a non-profit group educating the public on dental mercury and other ways that dentistry may affect health.

https://iabdm.org/   The IABDM is a network of dentists, physicians and allied health professionals committed to caring for the whole person – body, mind, spirit and mouth.

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