NO Fluoride

Fluoride is a substance used in industry as an insecticide and to kill rodents. It is more poisonous than lead and just slightly less poisonous than arsenic. Should it be used routinely on children to prevent decay? Should it be placed in the drinking water? Does it actually prevent tooth decay?

In 1993 over 39,000 records of school children 5-17 years of age from 84 areas around the United States were studied. The decay rate was virtually the same in the fluoridated and non-fluoridated areas. Dr. John Colquhoun, former Chief Dental Officer of the Department of Health for Auckland, New Zealand, studied tooth decay statistics from 60,000 12-13 year olds. He showed that water fluoridation had no significant effect on the decay rate of permanent teeth.

Dr. Dean Burk, former Chief Chemist of the National Cancer Institute, showed that there are 10,000 or more fluoridation-linked cancer deaths yearly in the United States. The National Cancer Institute, the New Jersey Department of Health, and the Safe Water Foundation all found the incidence of osteosarcoma (bone cancer) to be substantially higher in young men exposed to fluoridated water, as compared to those who were not.

In 1993 the Subcommittee on Health Effects of Ingested Fluoride of the National Research Council, admitted that 8-51% and, sometimes, up to 80% of the children living in fluoridated areas with the amounts recommended by the promoters of fluoride have dental fluorosis. Fluorosis is the first sign of fluoride poisoning.

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