Meet The Team


I started work for Dr. Green in June 2013. I have a college degree in accounting, four wonderful children ranging in age from 11 to 23. I also have a 2 year old granddaughter.

My job title is office manager but I also assist Dr. Green as necessary. I am responsible for billing, insurance, scheduling, and I will be your main contact when you call in with questions.

In the first 2 years I have worked with Dr. Green, I have acquired my dental radiology license, learned to assist, and many things about how our teeth act as circuit breakers for the energy flowing through our body, and thus they can lead to chronic disease in other organ systems. I enjoy my job very much and look forward to learning more each day.




I'm Dr. Green's assistant.  I've been with the practice since 2012, and I love meeting patients and hearing their stories.  When I meet you I will ask lots of questions, and  answer your questions as well.  I will also take any necessary X-rays and assist Dr. Green with your procedures.  While working here I have learned so much about holistic concepts and healthy living that I have changed my own family's lifestyle quite a bit, and I'm always excited to learn more!  I'm married with three kids; they are in grade school, high school, and college, so our house is always busy.  I've found that healthy changes can be worked into any lifestyle or budget.  We always encourage our patients to educate themselves and take charge of their personal health, and I try to do the same.


I am Dr Green's hygienist. I have been working here since May 2016. I received my degree from Indiana University in 1970 and have been working as a hygienist ever since.

Our practice has a chemical free environment. Not only are your cleanings fluoride free but we also have other great procedures I routinely use for periodontal therapy: such as ozone, categorizing bacteria with a microscope, and waterpiking with povidone-iodine. X-rays are taken as safely as possible and kept at a minimum. Everything I use is safe to ingest. We consider the whole body, not just the teeth.

I'm active in my church and when I'm not working I enjoy reading, bridge club, and golf league. I am married and we have two adopted sons, a daughter in-law and two grand daughters.

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