Mercury- Free

Mercury fillings are still used in the United States. Until recently, most patients did not realize that amalgams (ie ‘silver’ fillings) contained between 50 and 54% mercury. Mercury is the most toxic, non-radioactive element on earth. At room temperature it is in the form of a liquid and easily turns from a liquid, into a gas. Although amalgam is very hard, the mercury is still liquid within the filling, and is released into the oral environment by heat and friction (ie: 98.6F body temperature and eating). Your lungs absorb 90 to 98% of this toxin as a gas.

In 1997, in a draft report to Congress, the United States Environmental Protection Agency said, “the EPA recommends a 150 pound adult should consume no more than 7 micrograms of mercury daily, a 30 pound child no more than 1.4 micrograms, and a 15 pound child no more than 0.7 micrograms.”

In 1995, Drs. Lorscheider, Vimy, and Sommers reviewed all the scientifically peer reviewed literature, pertaining to mercury released from amalgam fillings. Their findings were published in the Federation of Applied Science and Experimental Biology journal. They found the average mercury released from silver fillings was 10 micrograms !.

Is the mercury from your fillings causing health problems?
There is no way to answer that question definitively. We know that mercury is coming out of the fillings in fairly large amounts. We also know that a person absorbs 80% over all of the mercury released. Some people seem to tolerate mercury better than others. I have elderly patients in my practice with many amalgams who have never been sick a day in their life. In contrast, I also had a 22 year old man with 4 small amalgams, who had digestive problems and vomited every morning after brushing his teeth. With the removal of his amalgams, both symptoms disappeared.

I stopped placing amalgam fillings in 1993 and became mercury- safe by 1996 as a result of scientifically peer- reviewed data. For more information see

For the orthodox side of the story, contact the American Dental Association and/or the local dental society. These organizations firmly believe that amalgam fillings are safe. I encourage you to check out both sides so you can make an informed decision. Read the science.

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